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      1. English 贊助商/展商登錄(Sponsor & Exhibitor Login)

        中國 · 上海SHANGHAI · CHINA


        H?gan?s是世界領先的金屬粉末供應商。產品和服務引領行業發展節省更多投入更少。解決方案覆蓋汽車零件、釬焊、電機、表面噴涂、增材制造和水處理等。H?gan?s為汽車行業開發粉末冶金解決方案。同時,通過和客戶、頂層制造商和OEM的密切合作,提供傳動齒輪、電機以及用于DC/DC轉換器的電感開發和設計。Alvier Mechatronics是H?gan?s全資公司,為汽車行業模擬和開發高度集成的電力驅動系統、驅動電機等,與汽車制造商、供應商、開發服務提供商和科研機構一起為未來移動生活,為高頻應用提供現代化材料、資源高效、快速和可規?;a途徑。

        H?gan?s is a pioneer and world leader in metal powders. We know our products and services can improve resource efficiency and inspire our customers to make more with less. We work closely with our customers and their clients to ensure that we thoroughly understand needs and requirements of the end products. We are developing tomorrow’s solutions for numerous applications such as automotive components, brazing, electrical motors, surface coating, additive manufacturing and water treatment. H?gan?s develops cost effective, compact and high-performing powder metallurgy solutions for the automotive industry. We also offer design and development services for transmission gears and electric motors as well as auxiliary functions and inductors for DC/DC converters and charging, all in close collaboration with customers, top tier manufacturers and OEMs. Alvier Mechatronics is a fully owned partner to H?gan?s. Alvier Mechatronics is a highly specialized engineering partner offering convincing edrive and DCDC conversion solutions up to customers' requirements in shortest development time. We are developing high frequency motors, intelligent transmission concepts, smart energy conversion and high torque auxiliaries. We deliver high performance solutions for our customers so that they can edrive at high speed!


        《 TMC2021最深印象創新技術評選流程與標準 》